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3 Easy steps to sell your house


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We conduct a free home assessment, make you the offer, and move to step 3 once you accept


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You home's most valued Features

Tell us about your home's most unique features for added value and a more precise offer


Comparisons in your neighborhood

We check for comparable homes that have recently sold near you to arrive at our value, and layout our offer with you


We know what works

We've purchased hundreds of homes, giving us extensive experience of market conditions and trends

We’ll handle the maintenance of the home and find the next buyer!

Know your costs upfront


Service costs

We take a service charge to help cover the costs of holding and reselling your home. These include property taxes, insurance, maintenance, utilities, and marketing.

Repairs costs

Similar to any buyer, we will assess your home to identify if repairs are needed. If so, you have the option to deduct the costs and let us handle all the work.


Closing costs

Just like a traditional sale, each party is responsible for the fees related to title insurance, escrow, and recording & notarization.

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We are experienced real estate investors in El Paso, Texas and specialize in off-market properties.

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